Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ugandan pastors and witch doctors

One morning David and I were praying together, and we were moved to pray for all the witch doctors in the area that God would bless them. We really wanted to see God transform the lives of these individuals who are being held captive by the devil. During prayer, I had a sense that we were supposed to go to the home of a witch doctor, introduce ourselves, and tell him that we had come to bless him and his family. Before I could mention that, David said that he felt that the Lord was leading us to go to the home of a witch doctor who lives near the school and pray for him and his household. I told him what the Lord had put on my heart. We knew that was God's confirmation. However, we needed to find someone to translate, and we needed to find out where he lived. We prayed that God would give us what we needed.

The next morning, I took a walk in the village just to see the sights. On the road, I met Daniel, the pastor at whose church I preached the previous Sunday. After talking for a while, I told him that we needed to find out where a particular witch doctor lived. "I can take you to meet someone with that information," he told me. He brought me to the home of an older pastor, 'Kal,' who leads a group of churches in the district. Daniel translated for us. Kal told us that the man we were looking for was not a “normal” witch doctor, but was supposed to be a “night dancer.” They are more feared than regular witch doctors, and are supposed to have more power. Kal told us the man's name and where he lived.

As we were talking about the pervasiveness of witchcraft in the area, I asked him, "Have all the pastors in the district ever joined together to pray against the power of witchcraft?"

"No, we have never done that," he said. "But," he continued, "after you return to America, would you consider returning to Bundibugyo with another pastor to do a seminar for the pastors in the area?" I told him I would pray about that possibility.

The next day, Dave, two other men, and I visited the home of ‘King,’ the man who was known as a night dancer. He was not at all as I expected (although I'm not exactly sure what I expected.) He was quite old for a Ugandan—probably in his seventies. We all sat down in his "watube," a round structure with short mud walls, and wooden poles which support a thatched roof made of grass. He was very receptive to our visit, and actually told us that he wished we had come when more of his extended family was around. Several grandchildren gathered to see all the visitors. He even had a grandson named Brian. (We got along well!)

We talked for a while (through a translator), shared the gospel with him and prayed for him and his grandchildren. He had heard the gospel before on a number of occasions, but hadn’t yet decided to follow Christ. He invited us to come back for another visit in a few days. I left Uganda before having another chance to visit him, but I'm praying that others will make the time to do so.

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