Thursday, August 6, 2009

Second week in Bundibugyo

Sunday morning July 19, I preached at a local church. The church meets in a very modest tin-roof structure made of cement and having a dirt floor. There were about 80 people in attendance, and I would estimate that about 70 of those were children 16 and under. There were a number of visitors that day. They were very encouraged when I gave them greetings from the church in the US. The pastor of the church translated into Lubwesi. I encouraged them that God wanted to use them to bring the good news of Jesus to Bundibugyo, to other parts of Uganda and beyond.

That night, I began three nights of training Ugandan student leaders and school staff in healing prayer and deliverance. I normally do this training over a number of weeks, but with time constraints I had to squeeze a lot into a few sessions. My prayer is that they would have taken away a few key concepts and will begin to pray in faith for one another and for others. Besides training, I also had prayer ministry appointments for those who were interested. It was wonderful to see God bring healing and freedom from demonic oppression.

Students also continued to seek prayer for difficulty in school caused by distraction, falling asleep, lack of concentration, poor understanding, sudden headaches or eye problems, and sudden desires to flee the classroom. It was very sad to hear how many were so harassed by the devil.

At the same time,
these students have such a sweet spirit about them, and a desire to be used by God. The final message I gave to the students as a group was based on John 14:12, that anyone who has faith in Christ will do the things that He did. I wanted them to understand that they could do the things Jesus and His followers did: preach the gospel, heal the sick, cast out demons, etc. I emphasized that these things were to be done for God's glory, not our own. I invited those who wanted to be used by God in this way to come to the front of the chapel area. Many students responded to the invitation. Two staff members, two students and I then laid hands on and prayed for the students who came forward.

School leaders and I saw definite signs of revival beginning among the students. We're praying for the sparks to be fanned into flame.


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