Monday, August 3, 2009

Retreat in Bundibugyo, Uganda

On Friday (July 17), Dave and I went on a short retreat to seek the Lord and be refreshed. A family that used to do ministry in Bundibugyo left to be part of a work in another east African country, so Dave and I used their former house as our retreat location. The setting was very peaceful and beautiful.

I really enjoyed my time with Dave. He and I first became prayer partners about eight years ago when we were both living in the San Diego area. I have fond memories of sitting in his car in the parking lot of a coffee shop and praying that God would use us to further His Kingdom. Neither one of us imagined that one day God would answer those prayers by sending him and his family to Uganda for five years, and having me visit them for two weeks to help them out. Following Jesus has its joys and difficulties, but it is certainly not dull!

I brought a guitar and we worshiped the Lord and prayed together. We discussed God's work in our lives, shared the struggles we were facing and encouraged each other in our faith. We also read Scripture and books by Christian authors. I started reading The Heavenly Man, the true account of a leader in the Chinese house church movement who experienced beatings, persecution and imprisonments for his faith in Christ. His story reads like the pages of the Book of Acts—gripping and inspiring. It was a good reminder of what many followers of Jesus must go through, and of God's power and faithfulness on behalf of those who believe.


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