Friday, July 31, 2009

In need of healing

A picture of my friends' (David and Annelise) house where I stayed for all but one night of my time in Uganda.

They have a number of trees in their yard: orange (though this type is green when ripe), avocado, Jack fruit, and mango (below).

The morning of my second day in Bundibugyo, I walked with Annelise through the village to the local health clinic. I spent an extended amount of time in the pediatric area. Not many modern conveniences—it's basically a large room with mats for the children to lie on with their caregivers—but dedicated staff. A few health care professionals connected with World Harvest Mission serve here. It was very heartbreaking to see the children. Malaria, malnutrition, “wasting disease,” tuberculosis, fevers, sickle-cell anemia were the main ailments affecting them. A few of them had witchcraft amulets tied around them. Their parents/guardians hoped that these amulets would bring cures. With Annelise doing some interpreting into Lubwesi, the main local language, I spent some time praying for a number of the children that Jesus would heal them.

I didn't see any miraculous improvements at that time, but I'm praying that the Lord will continue to bring about healing in their bodies. One of the reasons for my trip was to train staff and student leaders in healing prayer and casting out demons. One of my main roles is equipping other Christians to "do the stuff." I've found that much more happens when I help others use the gifts that God has given them. I would love to see the staff and students of the school eventually taking the good news of Jesus in word and power to those in need. Since I've gotten back to the US, I've heard some reports of the Spirit of God continuing to work at the school. More, Lord!


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