Monday, June 15, 2009

One year down, ??? to go

I recently finished my first full year of teaching math. There were some challenges, but over all it was a very good year. My students did outstanding on their standardized state math test (Math TAKS Test). Well over 90% passed the test, and about 55% got "Commended Performance" (which, in this case, means they scored at least a 90%). This, combined with the fact that every student passed the Reading TAKS Test, earned my school an "Exemplary" rating by the state.

The students really worked hard, and I was very proud of them. Many of them are now taking classes at a local community college which has partnered with us. This is all part of their program in which they can earn up to 60 college credits by the time they graduate high school.

Additionally, I was honored to have been selected Secondary Teacher of the Year for my school district. It's especially amazing to me since less than two years ago, teaching high school was not even on the radar for me. God's ways are certainly higher than our ways (Isaiah 55:9).

Our two-week Summer Bridge program began today with the incoming freshmen (and some new sophomores.) We have a great group of students coming in. I'm very interested to see what the next school year holds in store. My main two prayers are that my students would excel in math, and that I would be a compelling witness for Jesus Christ.

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