Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Where's Aim?

Dozens of you have asked, "Brian, how come you're doing all the posting? Where is your wife?"

OK, "dozens" is a slight exaggeration....Actually, nobody has asked, but some of you were probably thinking it. Anyway, the answer to that question is that Amy has resurrected her previous blog and doesn't have time for us "little people." So I guess it's up to me to hold down the fort.

Some of you are saying, "This fort is not going to be held down if Brian is doing the holding." That may be true, but I will still do my best to post at least once a year to keep y'all—(that means "you all" in non-Southern)—updated.

In the meantime, visit Amy's blog and plead with her to post over here at least on occasion. Because you really don't want to read through another entire post of mine and discover, once again, that there was really no point to it.


Amy September 5, 2008 at 10:39 AM  

Show me the money, honey. :)

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