Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Two down, thirty-four to go

I finished my first two weeks of teaching, and I'm happy to report that things seem to be going pretty well so far. I'm enjoying my students, laughing and joking with them, and generally having a much better year than last year. My first year teaching was a major trial. There were many days I wanted to quit, but I knew I had to keep going. This year is very different. Smaller class sizes, motivated students and supportive parents are a great combination.

It isn't all a cakewalk as I am teaching three different courses: Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2. I do feel the pressure of being the only full-time math teacher at the school. I'm under the microscope in some respects. Many people are watching closely to see how the students will perform on the state math test for 9th graders. I need to remind myself that my job isn't to worry about who's watching me, but to teach my kids to the best of my ability and to trust that God has me exactly where He wants me.


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