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Blogger Mark, Allison & Tessa Joy said...

burrito, sausage... do a post on what you call each of the 4 and how they got that name. That would be intersting to hear.

This post is about the nicknames of our kids. (BTW, Amy had some concerns about using the real names of our kids on our blog, so we made the decision to use their nicknames.) Here are the stories:
Our firstborn, H: When H was born, the nurse wrapped her up in a receiving blanket, gave her to me and said, "Here's your little burrito." She did look like a burrito, so that's what I called her: "Little Burrito." Of course as anyone knows me can testify, I am never content with just one name. So Little Burrito became "Burrito" and "Burr" for short. A few weeks later, I looked at her and called her "Babycakes." I don't know where that one came from. But that name soon morphed into Cakes, Cakies (pronounced "Kay-keys"), Cakes of Baby and Cakeasaurus.

Our secondborn, I: He was small for quite a while. Keeping with the food theme, I thought of something small and tasty, like an appetizer or a morsel of food. He became "Morsel." That morphed into a few offshoots: Mr. Morsel, Mr. Morse, Morsey, and Morse. When he started solid foods, he began to gain weight pretty quickly. He became "Mr. Plump and Juicy" or "PnJ." Over time, it was the Morsel nickname (and its various forms) which stuck.

Our thirdborn, J: I looked at him one day when he was wrapped up in a receiving blanket. He reminded me of a Vienna sausage. Thus, he was christened "Sausage." This name evolved into Saucy, Saucer and Sauce. Months later, I was watching "Barney" with the kids. (OK, I was watching it by myself. So what?) Anyway, Barney uses the phrase "Super-dee-duper" quite a bit. For some reason, I applied it to J, and he acquired the nickname "Super-dee-duper." That was too long, however, so I shortened it to "Super Duper." Following the pattern, this nickname also has many versions, such as Super Dee, Sup Dee Dup, Super, and Sup. (Note: Sup and Dup rhyme with "soup." Note also: I do not call him Supy. That would be going too far.)

Our fourthborn, A: First of all, I know you're probably asking yourself why we didn't name our fourthborn something that started with a "K" in order to continue the pattern. The short answer is: just because. The long answer is: just because. I have to admit, I had a hard time with the nickname of A. I actually began to worry about it. Will my youngest grow up without a nickname? Will he need years of therapy and/or healing and deliverance ministry because of the emotional trauma of not having one? Well, one day A reminded me of one of those Little Smokies. You know those 1-inch smoked sausages that you can make pigs-in-a-blanket with? So he became Little Smoky. Most of the time, I refer to him as Smoky, Smoke, Da Shmoke, Shmoky, etc.

Each child also has at least one theme song or tune associated with him or her. But that's a whole other story.


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