Sunday, January 20, 2008

Learning about grace

Last week, I was rushing to leave work. It had been a long and difficult day at the school, and I was anxious to just get home. On my way to the parking lot, I ran into one of the assistant principals where I teach. He asked me how things were going so far, and this led into a longer conversation.

He told me he could relate to my situation. He had been a pastor, youth evangelist, musician and missionary. He loved working in full-time ministry. He never thought he'd be working in education, but this is where God has led him for now. Though the transition has been difficult at times, he is grateful for the chance to serve the Lord in a public school setting. He talked to me about the opportunities we have to show the grace of Jesus to the students at our school, and to do it without compromising truth.

This conversation was just what I needed. God put me right next someone who has been where I've been, but is a little farther along the road than I am. I'm so grateful to the Lord for that gift. I was also convicted about how far I fall short at showing grace.

Another growth area. Thank God His grace extends to me.


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