Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Divine appointment pt. 2

Last week, I had a divine appointment with some men in Panera Bread. Later that week, Bob called me and said that he got me an appointment to meet the assistant superintendent (A.S.) of a local school district. I had already planned to attend the orientation for substitute teachers that was taking place at the same time as my meeting with the A.S., but I decided I would skip the orientation and keep the appointment.

This morning, Bob met me in the lobby of the district office and escorted me to my appointment. I told the A.S. about my background, and he said that he wanted me to substitute in the district and maybe something more. I told him that him that I needed to go to a Substitute Teacher Orientation. The A.S. graciously escorted me to the orientation (which had already started).

During the orientation, I discovered that I would need to get a Texas driver license to apply for the job. (I was hoping to hold onto my New York DL as long as possible.) I went to the Driver License Office and was told I needed to get a vehicle inspection and Texas registration. The lady at the DLO recommended a good place to get the inspection: right across the street at a service station.

Thankfully, my car passed inspection. The service station manager, a believer, was very kind and helpful. He said that when I got my new license plates, he would put them on for free. "You also need to get Texas car insurance," he informed me. "What company are you with?" "State Farm," I told him. "There happens to be a State Farm agent two blocks from here."

I got to the State Farm office and told the rep that I needed to switch my car insurance from New York to Texas. She made a call to the Rochester, NY branch to get some information:

"Hello, this is Sally in Cedar Hill, Texas. I have a Brian Andrews in my office and he needs to get his insurance transferred here. Can you look up his records for me?"

[Susie in Rochester]: "I just happen to have his paperwork in my hands right now. I was just reading that he moved out of New York."
At that point, the fear of God came on me. The good kind. I could see even more clearly the sovereign hand of God at work. Who can deny that He orchestrates the events of our lives?

After getting the insurance switched, and getting my car registered, I was finally ready to go back to the DLO to get my Texas driver license. On the way to the DLO, I suddenly remembered that I had two unexpired NY driver licenses: one which is about to expire on my birthday, and the replacement license which is good for another eight years. I thought to myself, "I can just surrender the old NY license to get my TX license, then I'll have a new license for NY and for TX." (I didn't feel any conviction at the time that this was wrong.) When I arrived at the DLO, I took my TX photo, surrendered my old NY license, and got my temporary TX driver license. I was pretty proud of myself.

I went back to the service station to get the new TX plates put on my car. After a considerable amount of struggle, the station manager told me that he could not get the old NY plate off the front of my car. "The rear one gave me a lot of grief, as well," he said. I thanked him for his efforts and got in my car to drive home. At this point, I was suddenly convicted about having two driver licenses. I tried to ignore it, but the Spirit would not let this go. I tried blasting praise music on my car CD player (to make myself feel more spiritual?), but all I could hear was, "Brian, you should have turned in the new driver license."


God, why can't I just keep it?


The fear of God came on me. The bad kind this time!

Well, to shorten an already very long story, I've decided to go back to DLO and tell them about my second license. I'm not sure what will happen, but my conscience will be clear....And maybe I'll be able to get that second NY license plate off my car.


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