Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Pray for Africa

We have some friends who are serving as missionaries in Bundibugyo, Uganda. They are currently in the U.S., but plan on returning before the end of the year. They just informed us that there is an outbreak of the deadly Ebola disease in Bundibugyo. Non-medical personnel on their mission team are being evacuated. One Ugandan friend of theirs, who is a medical doctor, died today from the disease. He had been caring for other sick people. Pray that God would stop the spread of this disease in its tracks. Pray for those who even now are clinging to life. For more information on the situation there, click here.

I have another friend who is a pastor in Ghana. Where he is, there are a number of "prophets" who are deceiving people by selling supposedly "blessed anointing oil" at high prices. If they use this oil, the people are told, they will get more customers, get a wife (or husband), get a promotion, etc. He asks for prayer that he and others will stand firm and continue to speak the truth.


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