Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Divine appointment pt. 1

I'm at Panera Bread in Cedar Hills right now. The PB in Rochester became sort of an office for me after I resigned from my previous church. (Free Wi-fi and coffee refills: what more could you want?) I would search for jobs on the internet, and fill out applications online.

Besides being a good place to get some work done, I've had a number of "divine appointments" in PB and other coffee shops. On my way to PB this morning, I had a sense that God had something for me here. I quickly forgot about that when drove into the parking lot. As soon as I walked in, however, I saw two men with their Bibles out sitting and talking to each other.

"Hey guys," I said, "I saw your Bibles and thought I'd introduce myself." They invited me to sit with them, and we spent the next 2 hours talking about our lives, our families, and how we wanted to serve the Lord. Both men were involved in ministry in their local churches. I had told them that my family and I recently arrived in Dallas, and that I was looking for a job to support my family. One of the men, "Bob," said, "I know the city manager of _____. He runs the whole city. I'll see if he can help you out." He called the city manager's office right then and there and left a message for him. He also called the pastor of a local church and left a message for him about me hoping that the pastor could help me out in some way.

About fifteen minutes later, that same pastor walked in to PB! He had not gotten Bob's phone message, but just happened to show up. We were amazed. I told him my story, he gave me some good counsel, and he left after a time of fellowshipping together.

Eventually, a friend of the first two men showed up and joined our group. This was not planned either—at least, it was not planned by man. "Joe" had a call to ministry on his life, but was running away from it. The three of us who were there encouraged him to "just surrender" to the Lord. From what I could tell, Joe did. After more time of testifying to one another of God's grace in our lives, we joined hands and prayed.

I love it when God does that.


Rowdy November 30, 2007 at 11:03 PM  

Hey Looks Like God is Really working with you guys.
I need some assistance
Can you Email me

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